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Apply for 2019 Full Immersion Chinese Camp/Volunteering in China

Starting on July 08, 2019 and for 2 or 3 weeks, we are offering  full Immersion stay in China, free room and board at local host families + free weekend field-trips for 10 volunteers over the age of 14. One child under 14 can come along with a volunteer for free (Any additional child pays extra $700 for everything). Child must come along with his/her own adult parent or a Chinese teacher.
You pay your round-trip ticket, about $1000 give or take, and your personal purchases. No prior Chinese skills required. Group traveling options will be offered for those departing from Austin with possible group-discount fare depending on signups.
Only requirement: teach a 3hr/day weekly English camp to Chinese students grades 1-9 for each week accommodations are provided, up to 3 weeks.
The rest of the day, you take a 3hr/day ($800 for 3 weeks for a total of 45hrs or $550 for 2 weeks for a total of 30hrs) Chinese full immersion camp at your current level. Camp activities include language learning and sightseeing discoveries (e.g. glass museum, tea house, silk factory, temple, old town etc.).
Your child(ren) take an 8hr/day ($1200 for 3 weeks for a total of 120hrs or $850 for 2 weeks for a total of 80hrs) Chinese full immersion camp with local kids. Camp activities include language learning, arts, math, music, P.E., cooking, field trip etc.)
Weekend excursions expenses will be all paid for (except for personal purchases) - see attached images for description.
To submit your application for review by our school director Yang Wang, please apply here:


Application deadline: 1/30/2019
Information Sessions: 7-8pm, 12/16/2018 and 01/13/2019, Room 130, Building M, Westland Office Park, 5524 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX 78746. You may choose either session to attend.
The slots are first come first serve. We may call you for an interview.


If you have questions, please contact us at